What is a tonne of carbon?

So this is what one tonne of carbon looks like… apparently!

But what does one tonne of carbon actually mean.  At Eco Outsource we’ve been doing are math’s to put some everyday examples together for you.  If anyone has any other examples I would love to hear about them!

1,800kWH. The average electricity use of households in the UK is 3,300 kWh per year
Natural gas heating   5,400kWH. The average gas use of households in the UK is 20,500 kWh per household.
Travel by car 2,800 miles in a medium sized petrol car… that’s like driving from Land’s End to Aberdeen twice OR only 10 miles per working day.
Travel by plane 3,500 miles… that is a one way journey to Dubai OR two return flights from Newquay Airport to the Mediterranean.
Travel by train 10,000 miles, about 40 miles per working day.  That’s a daily return commute between Truro and Hayle.

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