Skype – the business case stacks up.

Saved: 150 miles, 3.30 hours and of 42kg Carbon Dioxide

Partner to Succeed have teamed up with Competitive Edge to deliver a Sales Growth Collaboration Club and Eco Outsource is taking part in the program.  As a result I have just finished  a productive and informative meeting with Tom Wyness from Competitive Edge.

Normally at this pointed I’d be driving home, in the rain, listening to Radio 1 (I am desperately trying to cling onto my youth) until 5pm, at which point Radio 4 comes on.

Today was a little different and I have to admit I cannot see any downfalls – Tom and I had a meeting using Skype.  Originally we planned to meet at Kingsley Village because Eco Outsource is based in Helston and Competitive Edge in Plymouth. However, we Skyped instead and saved time, money and carbon!

In fact it stacks up like this. Tom and I saved:

  1. Driving 150 miles
  2. 3.30 hours
  3. 42 kg CO2e (not sure what this actually means read What is a tonne of Carbon)

So if you have not tried it, give it a go.  It certainly gets the thumbs up from Eco Outsource!

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