3 Ways to Save on your Company’s Bills in 2012

How could you cut your electricity bill by a quarter?

Turning off the heating could help, but asking staff to come to work in three jumpers, woolly hats, coats and gloves wouldn’t do much for morale or productivity.

How about switching off the lights?  Another effective cost-cutting measure, but again, probably not a winner with the unions.

But lighting is one area where you could generate savings – by making just a few changes to the lighting in your offices, your business could reduce electricity bills by up to 25%.

Here are three things* you can do today that won’t cause a walk-out but will make you cost savings:

1.       Use energy efficient bulbs

When traditional incandescent light-bulbs went out of production in the UK, in favour of more energy efficient bulbs, there was stock-piling and panic-buying of the old bulbs.

But modern lighting has come on a long way and energy efficient bulbs are as good as (if not better) than their less environmentally friendly predecessors.

The table below gives a snapshot of the costs associated with each type of bulb:

(Note: the bulbs featured above all provide the same level of light)

LED bulbs have dropped in price since first introduced, and offer an efficient and cost-effective way to light your workplace, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

2.       Update your fluorescent bulbs

Fluorescent tube lighting provides an even greater opportunity for cost savings.

Changing from T12 tubes to T8s (you don’t need to know what these are – just talk to your supplier when you next replace your tube lighting) will bring energy savings of 10%, while upgrading lamps and fittings to T5 will bring even greater savings.

Have you ever walked into toilets in a hotel or pub and the lights switched on as you’ve entered?  Slightly unnerving but also a great way for businesses to cut costs….. by as much as 30%.

3.       The lights are on but nobody’s home

Consider installing occupancy sensors in rooms within your work premises which are rarely used (toilets, stationery cupboards, the photocopying room, etc.) and you’ll see an instant reduction in quarterly bills.

If ‘occupancy sensors’ sound a bit techie or pricey, remind staff to switch off lights when they leave a room – put up signs at eye-level asking them to switch off (lights, not their brains).

If you make just one change from the list above, you’ll see a difference in your electricity bills.

Plus, commercial lighting accounts for 22 million tonnes of carbon emissions in the UK, so as well as saving you money you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

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Further reading:

* Source: Carbon Trust

** Based on 1 bulb running for 6 hours, 365 days a year


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