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3 Ways to Save on your Company’s Bills in 2012

How could you cut your electricity bill by a quarter?

Turning off the heating could help, but asking staff to come to work in three jumpers, woolly hats, coats and gloves wouldn’t do much for morale or productivity. Continue reading


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Reasons Why You MUST Improve the Environmental Performance of Your Business

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Between 2005 and 2010 I was involved with two publicly funded projects that required me to undertake environmental reviews of businesses and identity areas where savings in waste, raw materials, energy and water could be made.  Now I wished I’d kept a tally (think I will from now on), but the saving that businesses implemented were significant. Continue reading


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The Business Case for Renewables

I recently read a report from the Carbon Trust about The Case for Renewables in UK Business, and basically it came to the same conclusions as Eco Outsource – it’s a no brainer!

Before the introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff the business case for renewables was not strong. However, it could be clearer now – investing in the right renewables for your businesses makes environmental and financial sense. Continue reading

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